Answers, answers..
Where can you get them?

Just when you’re tired of confusion
Turns out the answer wasn’t expected
The answer itself is a question
How many times have you dedicated?

When you have been called
Drop everything
Prostrate to Allah
Your life and beyond is in His hands

What is written for you will be yours,
Be it under two mountains
What isn’t written for you will never be yours,
Be it under your fingertips



Thought Process 101


I have been thinking for the past few days what to write, been in somewhat of a writers block. For more reasons than one, but I believe simplicity is always the best way to go. I might have been trying to think of something profound and meaningful but I realized everything about life is profound and meaningful.

  So I asked myself what have I learnt so far about this profound and meaningful life… curious question. For me this is more of an IQ test than a philosophical question up for a late night debate with friends. Simply because I believe smart people are the ones who adapt fast and improvise faster, the ones that can learn quickly and apply what they have learnt.

We should ask ourselves

What have we learnt about ourselves?

What have we learnt about our work?

What have we learnt about our studies?

What have…

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Torrents Beyond Compare

This is the rain that sways tree vines back and forth
This is the rain that so you can barely hear yourself speak
This is the rain that soaks your window sill
This is the rain that refreshens the Earth
This is the rain that prevents the animals from thirst
This is the rain thats roars cause tranquility
This is the rain that has no bitterness
This is the rain that washes away your tears
This is the rain from The Powerful
This is the rain from The Compassionate
Sirs of the government, don’t waist your breath!
Exalt Allah and to Him direct your longing
Allah listens to the one who praises Him

Wise Sayings

Reported by Anas (RA): The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Make things easy and do not make them difficult, cheer the people up by conveying glad tidings to them and do not repulse (them).”

[Bukhari & Muslim].

[Riyad us Saliheen, Chapter 74, 637]

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