Sometimes I try to go back..
And remember us and what we made
Do you remember that meadow we always visited
So we could greet those colors every morning?

I remember when it was black but not dark
I inhaled the wondrous smell of something
And the view we experienced together
Do you remember..?

I must admit I always get a bit upset when you say the opposite
But I guess time has a secret
I may not know but that’s what secrets are for

As long as it keeps being a secret
Maybe one day we’ll finally make amends
And make sceneries behind existence together again


The world that appears when I close my eyes is ours alone
The things I’ve always wanted to do and see
Are right here in front of me
Even if it’s only our fantasy

It’s okay that I don’t know the things that I still don’t know
All of those things are important, truly…
But this is home for me
I wonder if we can make it like a fantasy