Prejudice no moah

Bah!! It’s 9 and I’ll have school in the morning therefore I shouldn’t be on the keyboard right now but all this sadness around me is dragging my head to my feet!

There is happiness. There’s not such a thing as sadness. It’s what we humans describe the feeling of the absence of happiness. You see that? Feeling.

Feeling might lead to thinking might lead to prejudice

Prejudice is as old as the day Iblis complained to Allah, subhana watala, that he was better than mankind. He based it on the nature of his creation (jinn), claiming that jinn are superior to mankind, similar to racial prejudice today, which is based on the principle that, “whatever I am, is better than whatever you are.”

Do you think Iblis is better than you? No! Truly he is our enemy. How would it make sense to mirror our own villain, when we have the best role model in the universe?

((It’s late and I can’t find the precise English translation but it meant like this))

“Flee from prejudice, because prejudice is actually the most deceitful of words” (HR. Muttafaq Alaih)

Watch your head! Watch what you say! And most definitely, stay conscious.


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