To plan and plan (and fail)

“Don’t think or hesitate too long. But act, work, and leave vacuity.” – Aidh al Qadrani

Ethos International

I love planners, I love planning, I heart to-do lists. Unfortunately that has nothing to do with my actual success in following through. I plan, I plan, and I fail to follow the planner. I’ve had many planners. Daily, weekly, black notebook, dry erase board, iPhone planner. Somehow I fail to adhere no matter the type. I often simply forget I have a planner. But sometimes I just hate to feel my life have been mapped out for me. Of course I know it’s in God’s hands whatever shall be will be. Somehow writing out all my daily to do list just feels so restricting. I write down a list of to do, I accomplish them, I feel accomplished but I also feel like a productive robot.
But when I don’t plan, or write out a plan that I don’t follow I look around at the end of the day…

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