Duckly With A Chance of Fab

One day there was a small duckling
That duckling was small
And a duckling
Can meteoroids pass through the earth’s atmosphere or do they have to have a like a VIP pass or like a like ya? But they probably dont have money… They should earn them by doing some work
But then how do they work…..? Ah duckling
Duckly was walking next to a pond searching fo seeds to eat
Then he found a strange looking rock
“Whoa,” he muttered
It was a mix of redish-yellowy-greenish-bluey-purple pebbles like a kaleidoscope so prty
Duckly poked at it with his beak thing
Poke poke poke… “What are you?” he asked
After a few more pokes, the rock started to glow…
And then b00m
Duckly turned into a unicorn
A unicorn that was big
And a unicorn
And he lived fabbily eva afta


One comment on “Duckly With A Chance of Fab

  1. azeroky01 says:

    Reblogged this on ProExcellent and commented:
    A Duck that have reached it’s goal to the Rainbow.. and let just see in TKP

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