Just Imagine! This is BEAUTIFUL

I didnt cry! I just got a little dust in my eyes, thats all……


Imagine folks just imagine for a while that You’ve just
crossed the Siraat (bridge over Hell) and made it to the
other side . You are waiting for the doors of Jannah to
open. Finally they open to and you are in Awe..!!! Truly, this
place is as the Prophet described which “no eye has seen,
no ear has heard, and the mind of no man has conceived”,
[Bukhari Shareef]…… What is the ground made of? It
smells a little like saffron, Subhan’Allah! What are those
trees with huge fruits? Is that a river of honey? Dip your
finger in it, that can’t be honey! You’ve never had anything
like it in your life. You try it again and it tastes even better.
How is that possible? Ok, enough honey. Where is my
house? As you are being escorted to your home, you see
it’s not just a house. It’s…

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To plan and plan (and fail)

“Don’t think or hesitate too long. But act, work, and leave vacuity.” – Aidh al Qadrani

Ethos International

I love planners, I love planning, I heart to-do lists. Unfortunately that has nothing to do with my actual success in following through. I plan, I plan, and I fail to follow the planner. I’ve had many planners. Daily, weekly, black notebook, dry erase board, iPhone planner. Somehow I fail to adhere no matter the type. I often simply forget I have a planner. But sometimes I just hate to feel my life have been mapped out for me. Of course I know it’s in God’s hands whatever shall be will be. Somehow writing out all my daily to do list just feels so restricting. I write down a list of to do, I accomplish them, I feel accomplished but I also feel like a productive robot.
But when I don’t plan, or write out a plan that I don’t follow I look around at the end of the day…

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God’s Gifts by Marian Jones

::Copyright Marian Jones 2002::

God’s Gifts

There are treasures that money can’t buy,
Like the smile on a baby’s face,
A stroll through a garden of flowers,
To rest in a tranquil place.

The magic of a sudden rainbow,
Colors that never change,
The pattern created by God,
A plan we can’t re-arrange.

A meadow turned emerald green
By the touch of an April shower,
The warmth of the summer sun,
The scent of a beautiful flower.

The comfort of murmuring water
From a river sparkling with light,
The sun going down in the evening,
Making way for the stars at night.

The seasons that come and go,
Changing as God had planned,
His wondrous power we behold,
On every part of the land.

It’s not the things that we buy,
That bring us the greatest pleasure,
If we look at the beauty around us,
We’ll find joy in God given treasures.

Guess what.. Even a smile is a charity!!!


Exploring Colors of life


The best gift you can ever give someone is … A SMILE ! Ever wondered how this small gesture can change your life?  

A smile can change your mood and spread positive energy 🙂 

It is part of the sunna 🙂 

and one of the little things that make a big difference 🙂 .

The prophet Muhammed (PBUH) demonstrated for his nation. Something, that we should apply to our everyday life.  As he was once quoted, “Your smile for your brother is charity. (Sadaqa)” 


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